The Next Level Foundation
Athletics, Education, College, Scholarships

The Purpose:

The Next Level Foundation is established to promote educational programs and events that are designed to provide family support and to raise the educational levels of students in Minnesota and other areas of the country including members of the minority community, who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or those whose income is below the federal poverty guidelines; to foster and promote interest and concern for the problems of youth so educational and economic opportunities may be expanded.

The Mission:

To foster a commitment to young people that will promote a Getting Set for Success Curriculum with focus on Education, Athletics, Self Esteem/Motivation, Community Service and Control Theory. Our mission results in pro-social friendships, strong leadership and interpersonal skills and a reestablished a hope in the future.

The Programs:

The Athletic Development Program:
Tracks youth from 9th grade to 12th grade in order to make sure that inner city youth receive college preparatory education as a way to increase their likelihood of  financial assistance through athletic and/or academic college scholarships.

The Getting Set for Success Program: A 5-10 week mentor based program which inspires kids to dream big by goal setting, envisioning pictures, learning how to make better choices, and exposure to new opportunities and role models.

The Perseverance Scholarship Program:  Minnesota graduating seniors are selected to receive four year scholarships for overcoming trying obstacles and never giving up. 

The Next Level Football/Educational Conference:  A free 2-5 day camp where youth participants attend a series of educational workshops including: Nutrition, money management, individual learning styles, self-esteem, and motivation.  Youth also participate in football drills, team building activities and a scrimmage. All youth are fed breakfast and lunch. Youth are recognized with rewards at the end of the camp.

The Back to School 5K:
  A free event for all participating youth aimed to kick off the school year in a positive way. Youth participant receive Back to School Supplies to equip them for a school year of success.  This event is a great opportunity to allow adults in the community to team up with youth who are hungry for knowledge, role models and a life of possibilities.  The event promotes health, fitness, education, and athletics. Proceeds from the event support The Next Level Programs. Register Now!

Readers Theatre:
  This program is designed to reduce the decline of literacy rates for elementary students- particularly those of lower-income.  Students work in groups reading, writing, and performing plays on stage.The program fosters interest and concern for the literacy problems of youth thereby expanding their educational and economic opportunities.

Next Level International:  A program launching June 2013 aimed to provide high school and college aged youth with exposure to international service,cultures, art, athletics, and language by traveling abroad.

Thank you to those who participated in the panel discussion "Taking Education and Athletics to The Next Level."  The panel gave the youth an opportunity to ask college admissions representatives, collegiate athletes, college coaches, and professional NFL players pertinent questions relating to becoming a college student and athlete.

Left to right:
J.J Swain (UNI Panthers Football), Head Coach Freitag (Augsburg College), Head  Coach Pate (Hamline University), James Ruffin (Cincinnati Bengals),  Coach John Swain (Former Viking), Coach Thomas (Rochester Junior College), Coach McKenzie McKadaragh (Grandview University Soccer), Kingsley Nwaiwu (U of M Admissions), Mark Narayan (St. Thomas University Admissions,)